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A society is a group of people who come together to contribute to humanitarian activities like art, education, music, culture, sports, etc. There should be a minimum of seven members to form a society, and these individuals can be Indian citizens or foreigners. In Tamil Nadu, the State Government regulates the society registration and address the registration application to the respective authority of the state.

The following purposes require society registration:

  • lTo open a bank account for funding of the Society.
  • To obtain approval from the Income Tax Department.
  • To entrust the properties belonging to the societies.
  • To attain recognition among other forums and authorities.
  • To file a suit.
  • To get funds for charitable assistance.
  • To get funds for military orphans.
  • To spread knowledge and political education.
  • To maintain libraries and other reading places.
  • To maintain public museums and galleries.

Features of Registration

  • According to Society Registration Act 1975, Society consisting of a minimum of 7 members will be recognised for registration.
  • A society that has a minimum of 20 members or whose annual gross income or expenditure is a minimum of Rs. 10,000 is eligible to register a society.
  • As per the regulations of the Tamil Nadu Apartment Ownership Act, the association formed for the maintenance of the apartment should be registered with a minimum of 5 members.
  • The Executive committee of the Society will be the management of the Society consisting of 3 members.
  • A society has to be registered within 3 months from the date of its formation with the particular District Registrar.
  • Registration has to be processed by a member of the committee or any other person authorised in this behalf.


The name of the Society.

The objects of the Society.

The details of the members of the committee.


A registered society gets regarded as a separate legal organisation, and it gets endowed with particular powers that allow it to carry out the following functions.

These are the following: Purchase a certain property without having to deal with any legal issues. While vesting the property in its name, a registered society faces fewer complaints.

Trust and Goodwill

Society Registration promote and build a feeling of trust and quality in the customers mind and it establish credibility.

FAQ on Copyright Registration

  • What is the benefit of society registration?
    What is the benefit of registering a society? Ans. Due to being registered, the society becomes a legal entity itself with rights including the ability to buy, lease, sell a property, borrow money from the bank with its own account, as well as earn some income tax exemptions under the Income Tax Act.
  • How many members can be in society?
    A society is formed when a group of people comes together for a common purpose or a charitable cause. A minimum of seven people is required to form a society. And these societies are governed by the 'Societies Act, 1860'.
  • Is society a legal entity?
    As every society is a legal entity separate from its members it is capable of filing suits against any person or any member. Similarly, the suits can also be brought against the society.
  • Does society have a deed?
    The legal ownership of the common spaces of the housing society is conferred by having a Conveyance Deed, and it plays a vital role in proving legal ownership and subsequent renovation projects.